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  How Is The Forex Market Affected By Gold?
Posted by: admin - 10-10-2020, 04:45 PM - Forum: Forex - No Replies

The Forex market is not just a limited investment tool made with exchange rates. Various commodities are invested without the need for physical ownership. Gold is the first investment tool that comes to mind when it comes to commodities traded in Forex. Gold, which is a traditional investment tool or even defined as “entry into investment”, is a safe investment tool for many investors that does not have currency risk and is not affected by factors such as interest rate and inflation. For this, investors see gold as a safe haven and adopt it as an alternative investment tool against the dollar.
This type of investment, previously made through Jewelers, is now widely realized in a practical and secure way over the internet. When investing in gold in Forex, you trade with a “lot”, as in exchange rates. You can take advantage of the leverage, bidirectional trading feature of the Forex market. Bidirectional operation feature! Here this issue is underlined…

Markets In The Gold-Dollar Relationship

You can think of gold and the US dollar as an integral binary.. Because the price of gold is indexed to the US dollar. In other words, all events that can affect the dollar, the technical state of the dollar index, also affect gold price changes. The movements of gold and the dollar are inversely proportional. As well as the movements of the dollar, the supply and demand for gold are among the main causes of price changes. The economic data of the countries that provide the bulk of gold production should certainly be investigated. The fact that gold is affected by all this may leave a question mark on the forex investor. So, how is forex affected by gold's movements? Do you remember what we just highlighted? The answer to this question will best explain the bidirectional forex trading feature.

Gain From Every Move Of Gold

Because Forex is a financial market, it is affected by increasing-decreasing price movements. For this, forex gold investments will gain movement according to the market, positions will be created accordingly. But it should be noted that regardless of the direction of economic data, profits can be made by investing in gold in the forex market. In other words, you can make a profit when the price of gold rises and falls. This is called a bidirectional operation. For example, to assess the decline in gold prices, you have a chance to open a transaction in the direction of buying and in the direction of selling when it rises. Hard falls that occur under it can allow a forex trader with good experience to make a high profit in a short time. Let's give you a hint; correctly determining the direction and amount of the transaction, placing stop loss / take profit orders at the appropriate levels will allow you to succeed in this regard.

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  Types Of Collateral In The Forex Market
Posted by: admin - 10-10-2020, 04:43 PM - Forum: Forex - No Replies

Forex is a 5/24 active market where you can easily invest from the internet around the world. This market, which responds to short, medium and long-term investments, is most often raised with leverage. Leverage allows you to invest as much as a certain amount of your collateral. This rate varies from country to country. In Turkey, this ratio is determined by The Capital Markets Board as 1 to 10. In Forex, where you will invest up to 10 times your capital, you must have a guarantee for this. The guarantees that you show to both open transactions and take advantage of the leverage ratio are one of the most important investment steps. Forex collateral types differ depending on their function. Let's take a brief look at how your capital, which you show as collateral, takes shape in your forex transactions.

Minimum Collateral

This type of collateral is also called “required collateral”. It represents your collateral in the amount required to invest. This amount of collateral varies depending on the traded product, the traded market, and the leverage ratio. Initial guarantees set by brokerage firms are usually recommended for beginners or low-capital investors. In this way, the investor does not have to risk very large investment amounts and wait in case his position falls backwards. As a rule, the collateral ratio required for a 1-to-10 leverage ratio is 1%. High investment capital can be achieved with the help of leverage, even with low collateral.

Free Collateral

The amount of money you can use in your account after opening a position is called free collateral. In other words, free collateral is the amount left in your account after opening a position and depositing the necessary collateral. This amount is determined by adding profit or loss after subtracting the total amount of collateral you have paid from your balance and may vary instantly over parity. It is understandable how many more positions can be opened with the amount in the capital. Open positions or positions are closed when the available collateral value drops to zero. This situation is called “Margin Call” (Margin Call).

Collateral Used

It is the type of collateral blocked by the broker setup to keep Forex transactions open. This money belongs to the investor again, but the investor cannot use this money. So we can actually compare this app to the deposit system. The money in the account is not active during the transaction. In order to use the found money, only existing transactions must be closed and a new transaction must be started.

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  Costs Facing Forex Investor
Posted by: admin - 10-10-2020, 04:42 PM - Forum: Forex - No Replies

The Forex market is a high liquidity market that allows you to make a profit in the short term, where you can invest even with low collateral. Forex, which is already investor-friendly with its leverage ratio of 1 to 10, dual trading feature and loss-stopping orders, has a loyal investor audience as it reduces the costs of investors who want to invest (invest) to the minimum level. As is known, forex market trading platforms are free. An investor can start investing by downloading this platform to his computer or mobile device. But before that, trial accounts reached by the brokerage firm, even certain forex trainings, are also free of charge.

In addition to these applications, which make it easier for the investor to start trading, there are also low forex costs. Although these costs do not appear as a burden to the investor, it is useful to know. Let's take a look at the spread and swap costs that a Forex trader will face during trading.

Swap Cost

Depending on the difference in interest between the currency pairs you have invested in, the overnight cost of carrying is a swap, which is reflected in your account as plus or minus. In other words, if you have decided to put the high interest one of the two currencies into the market and apply the idea of keeping the low interest one in your hand, the overnight cost of carrying the low interest money will be reflected in your account. Swap prices are valid for overnight jobs, transactions that are not closed on the same day and transferred to another day. Forex market investors who do not accept the cost of carrying per night can open a forex account without a swap. This option is usually the choice of investors who want to avoid interest.

Spread Rates

"Spread forex, a forex term that refers to the difference between the purchase price and the sale price of an exchange rate, is shown between costs. Yes, there is no commission practice in forex trading in any way. But the difference between the Buy-Sell price that the investor pays when trading occurs as the transaction cost with the name spread. When a new transaction is entered in the Forex market, it starts with a loss as much as the spread. Sperad does not have a certain ratio. Rates vary by liquidity. But some brokerage firms also use fixed spreads in their investment products. It is important to work with brokerage firms with a low spread rate in your Forex investments. Because brokerage firms that offer a low spread rate allow you to trade with non-high buy-sell differences and reduce your costs.

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  Are Forex markets reliable?
Posted by: admin - 10-10-2020, 04:36 PM - Forum: Forex - No Replies

Are Forex markets reliable? we can certainly give the answer to his question is absolutely reliable. Because Forex markets and Forex brokerage firms are strictly controlled by The Capital Markets Board in our country. In our country, the institutions that mediate your trading in the Forex markets, which became legal in 2001, are frequently audited, as they must comply with many regulations and notices. Regulations and communiques issued for Forex brokerage firms are focused on ensuring the safety of investors. Another reason that makes forex reliable in our country is the license regulation applied to brokerage firms. Although not every brokerage firm is authorized for every transaction in the markets, it is necessary to fulfill certain qualifications in order to obtain these licenses. In order to become a Forex brokerage firm in our country, the application of “brokerage authorization for trading” is an important step that provides security. In addition, the most important of these licenses issued to make Forex more secure is the “broad authorized brokerage license”that we, as own. The Capital Markets Board has also implemented the necessary adjustments in leverage to make Forex safer in our country. For example, there are leverage ratios that go up to 1:500 abroad, while today in our country this ratio is limited to 1:10.

As a dictionary meaning, the word Forex refers to currency trading, which occurs through the conversion of one country's currency into another country's currency. Although the word Forex means foreign currency trading, you can invest not only in foreign currency in the Forex markets, but also in oil, gold, wheat, silver or even coffee. Forex markets, the world's largest financial markets, have a daily trading volume of more than $ 5.5 trillion. In markets that are open 5 days and 24 hours a day, you can easily invest anywhere at any time.

How Do I Secure My Forex Account?

Forex brokerage firms in our country require your written consent to make many transactions in your accounts to ensure your security. But since you perform your operations with a single button on platforms, you should pay attention to security when accessing here. Today, you can safely perform your transactions with investor-friendly screens with advanced interfaces such as InvestOR. In addition, with password and Touch ID technology, you can make your accounts more secure by choosing InvestOR Mobile, which maximizes your Forex account security. In addition, you should definitely not share both your forex account passwords and Meta Trader4 passwords with anyone and set high-security passwords specific to you.

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  Is it possible to get rich with Forex?
Posted by: admin - 10-10-2020, 04:36 PM - Forum: Forex - No Replies

Forex is the world's largest financial market with a daily trading volume of more than $ 5.5 trillion. Thanks to its dozens of different investment instruments, it allows you to invest in many products such as oil, cotton, different currency pairs, Gold. Investor in the forex markets, a broker through open a real account and perform operations on the MetaTrader platform that will allows you to access your phone, tablet or a PC

The question of whether it is possible to get rich with Forex is a question that everyone is wondering the answer to. Although there is not exactly an answer to this question, there are some points that you should pay attention to in order to achieve success in the Forex market.

Gain Experience With Demo Account

Before trading in the Forex markets, you should try yourself in the markets with a free demo account. In accordance with the rules introduced by the SEC in our country, investors who do not perform 6 days and 50 transactions in the markets cannot open real accounts. You can test all instruments with a Forex demo account with InvestOR you can determine the most successful strategy for you by opening multiple forex accounts in one account and applying different investment strategies.

Take Advantage Of Resources.

There are many sources written about Forex. If you are an investor who will take a new step into the markets, it will be useful to read the forex e-book From A to Z to learn the basic concepts and systematics of the market. If you are an active investor and want to improve your strategies, you can take advantage of Advanced forex resources such as investing in chaos.

Attend Trainings

Listening to market experts, asking them what's on your mind is one of the steps that will make you successful. You can improve yourself by participating in free office trainings and free forex webinars if you want. Forex offers free trainings for every level of investor. As a beginner, intermediate or advanced investor, you can choose the training that best suits you and improve yourself by participating in them.

Investor Psychology

One of the most important factors that carry you to success in investing is investor psychology. In every case in which the human factor is involved, the psychology of the person in the current situation affects all the decisions he makes. For this reason, when investing in markets, you should invest without being stubborn with the markets, strictly following analysis and comments for correct predictions, seeing our own mistakes, learning about common mistakes and repeating these mistakes.

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  What Is A Forex Robot? Differences between robots and indicators
Posted by: admin - 10-10-2020, 04:35 PM - Forum: Forex - No Replies

It is very important to make accurate price estimates and take positions accordingly to raise your earnings rates in the Forex markets. In order to make accurate price estimates, it is necessary to follow the expert analysis of the market and to investigate the reasons that bring the price to these points. You can also use different tools to support your price estimates. In our article, we will talk about the indicator concept and forex indicators, which have an important place in these tools.

Indicator Concept In Forex Markets

Indicators, also called ‘mathematical indicators’ in Forex, are graphical data that estimate future price levels by averaging price history using statistical calculations. Forex markets have many indicators, oscillators and auxiliary tools to support your price forecasts. Indicators are auxiliary indicators found in technical analysis and are very useful for predicting the price change that your investment instrument will experience over a certain period of time. Forex indicators can give you positive or negative data about the points where you will open a position. Thanks to this mathematical data, you can open your positions in the most appropriate way or update your positions.

Forex robots and indicators

Another tool commonly used in the Forex markets is Forex robots, also known as Expert Advisors. Forex indicators and forex robots are two concepts that should never be confused. Forex robot is automated software that is authorized to open or update positions on your behalf, while indicators are analyses that give you healthier information and allow you to estimate prices. Forex robots, also known as Expert advisors, are prohibited for negative reasons such as the fact that Forex robots do not benefit everyone to the same extent, the losses caused by software are large, the robots turn into a commercial earnings system. Because the strategies of Forex robots are automatic, a robot that does not match your investment strategy can cause you to experience large losses, but you may be more successful in your investments because you determine the entire strategy in indicators.

Use Of Forex Indicators

Just as each instrument has a different value in the markets, price estimates for each instrument are made using different analysis and indicators. For this reason, it is very important that you know the content of the indicators that you will use and learn the details. Because variables such as moment, trend, Power, trend, volatility, cycle may also differ in your instruments. If you use targeted and correct indicators, your success will increase at this rate.

Forex Indicator Types

There are many indicators for your needs in the markets. Below we have listed the commonly used ones for you.

MACD (moving Average Convergence/Divergence): an indicator that creates moving averages depending on the convergence and divergence of the changing values of currency parity in the market.
Bollinger Bands: an indicator used to determine the price movements of instruments with a high volatility rate.
RSI (Relative Strength Index): J. The Relative Strength Index (RSI), developed by Welles Wilder, is a momentum oscillator that measures the speed and change of currency movements.
Moving Average (Moving Average): if you assign this indicator to the parity you have selected, it creates linear graphs accordingly, taking their averages according to the time period you are on.
Momentum: an indicator indicating the rate at which currency parity fluctuates in the market.

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  Main differences between Forex and stocks
Posted by: admin - 10-10-2020, 04:33 PM - Forum: Forex - No Replies

The stock market in England first entered into operation in 1985 under the name of Istanbul Stock Exchange, ISE, and the first transactions began to take place on January 3, 1986. England investors have been trading continuously for 31 years in the stock markets, whose new name changed to in 2013. The Forex market, on the other hand, is a relatively new investment tool for England investors. The forex market, which has been rapidly developing and popular for the last 10 years, has become a favorite of investors with attractive trading conditions, easy access and a variety of products.

There are obvious differences between Forex and stocks. If you want, let's consider important differences with topics.

Liquidity and depth

Forex markets are the most liquid market in the world. The daily trading volume is 5.1 trillion dollars, so it is quite high in depth in the market. Leverage is the most important reason why the daily trading volume is so high. But Forex is an international over-the-counter market, so its participants are quite high. With high leverage, small investors of all levels can easily access the market. Leverage directly affects the growth of trading volume in the market. On the other hand, stock markets are an organized market. The depth and trading volume of all stocks traded in England stock exchange varies according to participation. The development and growth of the market depends on new accounts to be opened and on corporate and individual investors who will provide new participation. Each of the more than 500 stocks traded on the stock exchange does not have the same trading volume and depth. Shares with the highest trading volume usually consist of shares with certain criteria. Boards with strong depth are more preferred by investors. Due to the depth and high liquidity of forex markets, the likelihood of manipulation is almost minimal. But there may be a possibility of manipulation on some shallow boards with little depth and trading volume in stock markets.


There is no leverage in stocks relative to trading on the exchanges. Operations are performed in a ratio of 1 to 1. In other words, you need 5000 GBP to get 1000 lots of a stock with a price of 5 GBP. Even if there is no leverage in the stock market, the brokerage firm where your account is located may allow you to use special credit limits. This may vary depending on the customer relationship between you and the brokerage firm. A brokerage firm may allow some customers to use credit margins at the level of 1 to 2, 1 to 5, or 1 to 10. For example, a customer using a credit limit of 1 to 5 may have the same value size as 1000 GBP instead of 5000 GBP in order to have 1000 lots of A shares. On the other hand, in forex markets, leverage ratios in the system itself are obvious according to the customer's demand. All transactions of an investor who opens an account with a defined leverage ratio of 1:10 will be transactions with a leverage ratio of 1: 10. Therefore, instead of giving credit to the brokerage firm, the system itself gives this opportunity to the customer.

Product Variety

Forex markets mean Foreign Exchange, that is, foreign exchange. In recent years, a large variety of products have been created by adding new products to transactions on dozens of pairs created from country currencies in international foreign exchange markets. In addition to parity, many financial products such as stock market indices, stocks, commodities based on agricultural, energy and mining products under the CfD - contracts for difference Product Group are bought and sold by investors. Access to hundreds of products is not done for physical trading of investment products. The investor tries to make a profit on these products only by taking advantage of the price difference. Reaching such a wide range of products from a single platform is one of the important opportunities that attracts investors. In the stock market, the variety of products is limited only to stocks. Investors can easily invest whatever they want from hundreds of stocks that have different stories. In stock exchanges, some products have the possibility of physical purchase and sale. In addition, when the shares are owned, the investor has many rights. At the beginning of these, the company's dividend share, the right to receive new shares (rühçan), participation in the management of the company, voting rights, other important rights such as receiving information are granted.

Bidirectional Operation

Investors trading in the Forex markets simply need to determine the direction for the product they are trading. They can easily make money not only in a rising market, but also in a falling market. Therefore, if the investor opens a sales-oriented position in the transaction that he will open, the falls will give the investor a profit. Any product in the forex market can open a position in the direction of decline by pressing the Sell button very comfortably. Stocks also have the opportunity to make money in a falling market. Investors who invest in the downward direction take a position in the downward direction with the” short sale " process. But not every investor can make a short sale as easily as in Forex. Because he sells the stock that he does not have, and after the fall occurs, he returns the stock and puts it in its place. In order for this transaction to take place, the investor must borrow the amount of shares from the lending market of the brokerage firm in which he works. An investor who wants to make a short sale in shares must sign a short sale Framework Agreement.

Trading Hours

One of the most obvious differences between Forex and stock trading is trading hours. In exchanges where stocks are traded, transactions are usually restricted to session hours during the day. For many years, trading hours at Imbk have been limited to the morning session and the afternoon session after noon. Current trading hours in England are from 9:40 in the morning to 18:10 in the evening. In Forex markets, there are no restrictions on trading sessions. The Forex market is an OTC over-the-counter market, and because it is an international foreign exchange market, transcontinental transactions continue continuously throughout the day. Although transactions are divided into 3 sections as Asian session, European session and American session, transactions continue for 24 hours without stopping throughout the day. Forex Sunday Friday is the last trading day of the week, starting at 00:00 on Sunday night and ending at 24:00 on Friday night. Therefore, the Forex market is a 5/24 traded market.


There is no Trading Commission in Forex markets. The investor's transaction cost is embedded in the Buy-Sell price. The spread, which is the difference between the buy-sell prices, faces the investor as the cost of the transaction. For an investor who purchases at the sale price, the head-to-head point is the purchase price, which the investor performs at the sale price. In addition to the spread cost at the purchase and sale prices in stock markets, the purchase and sale commission fees are reflected in the investor's accounts. In Old years, brokerage firms ' stock commissions were quite high. But over the years, commission rates have fallen to extremely reasonable levels. Currently, stock transactions can be made with low transaction costs with very attractive low commission rates.

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  Real estate, Forex or Viop investment?
Posted by: admin - 10-10-2020, 04:28 PM - Forum: Forex - No Replies

Investing is a behavior that is in people's nature, but we don't all invest in the same investment tools. Different investment instruments have emerged from the past to the present, and some of them have maintained their popularity for long periods of time. Although there are dozens of different financial investment instruments today, people choose different investment instruments according to their wishes and expectations.

How To Choose An Investment Vehicle?

Are people investing in real estate or Forex or VIOP nowadays? we know you're looking for answers to your question. But when choosing an investment vehicle, the state of the market, the future promise of the investment vehicle and the expectations of the person who will invest, and even the outlook for life add to the choice of investment vehicle. People from the past to the present see real estate investment as a reliable port and channel their very high consistent savings into real estate buying. But real estate investment is an investment tool that has returns far below financial investment instruments and can give these returns for quite long periods of time. In addition, the real estate sector suffers quite large losses during crisis periods, as it is the most rapidly affected form of investment by the risks of the market. Currently, the fact that real estate prices are quite high has led people to replace this investment tool with financial investment tools where they can get results in a shorter period.

Benefits Of Forex Investing

Forex is currently considered the largest financial market in the world in terms of trading volume. The leverage feature allows you to make large investments with small amounts and the high liquidity and the ability to buy and sell at any time when the market is open are two important features that make the Forex attractive. The fact that Forex markets are open 5 days and 24 hours a day and that transactions are made by licensed investment brokerage firms such as in our country gives investors confidence. In addition, precious metals such as gold, silver and palladium and commodity products such as oil, energy products such as natural, sugar, corn, coffee beans have enabled millions of investors looking for different investment products to trade in Forex markets. If you want, you can try Forex for free and risk-free with a virtual balance of $100,000. For more detailed information about Forex, you can browse our Forex page.

Advantages of Viop investment

Viop, short for futures and options market, is a financial market located in England. VIOP is a market that continues to increase its popularity today with dozens of different investment products. Starting transactions with low guarantees and making transactions easily both mobile and computer with its iDeal platform has managed to attract the interest of investors to Viop. For more information about VIOP, please visit our viop page.

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  Is it possible to learn Forex?
Posted by: admin - 10-10-2020, 04:22 PM - Forum: Forex - No Replies

The learning process works differently in each person. For example, a child who has been listening to classical music since an early age and is constantly interested in instruments at home will have a higher auditory perception and intelligence, while a child who is constantly watching movies, spending time with coloring books, or providing their first learning experience by connecting pictures and words will have a more dominant visual intelligence. When we consider verbal, numerical, physical, social, internal and natural intelligence, we encounter 8 different types of intelligence, and they directly affect our relationship with the forex markets, as in everything else.

What Should Be The Dominant Type Of Intelligence In Forex?

At first glance, you may think that forex is only related to numerical intelligence. It is true that it has a close relationship with numerical data, but if we say that only a person with numerical intelligence can learn and perform leveraged transactions, we are very much mistaken. Because numbers aren't all we're looking at here. If you're just looking at them, you're still a “novice” investor. Numerical intelligence comes from the fact that you care about causal relationships. But if you forget about the visual and social part, you may get tired or even bored a little faster.

Visual and sociability

People with social intelligence have a high ability to analyze, interpret and evaluate. And people with visual intelligence remember what they see. They are very sensitive to colors and detect similarities and patterns in images very quickly.

In other words, when you do not care about the social part, you cannot analyze properly, interpret events correctly, evaluate them in the best way after your transactions are finished, you only process them to increase or decrease the numbers.

And when you don't pay enough attention to the visual part, you lose time by constantly looking back and checking. Because you try to analyze without caring about the different colors and meanings found in charts and tables, you cannot perceive or predict the repetitions and patterns that will shape your investment decision and point to the future.

Where To Start Learning Forex?

Where should you start? From the side where you are strongest. But without ignoring the others, with a holistic approach.

Books, articles, online publications written about Forex, you can easily learn forex from courses held at certain periods each year. You have plenty of resources, lots of opportunities. In addition, with a forex trial account that you will create, you have the opportunity to test everything you have learned in advance and gain practice before entering the real market.

You can also get information about Forex from the free Forex Dictionary of England, which offers free of charge to investors and investor candidates.

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  Why Are Forex Signals Banned?
Posted by: admin - 10-10-2020, 04:21 PM - Forum: Forex - No Replies

Forex signals are analyses that give you information about the market when you open a buying or selling position in general.

What Is Forex Signal?

Forex signals, also known as ‘buy-sell’ or ‘trade signals’ in the markets, are information that provides you with market analysis and allows you to open positions in this direction when you are making a buy or sell transaction. Forex signals can open transactions that you will profit from, as well as make losses. But remember that forex instruments are a whole, and sound analysis comes from analyzing many sources together. Therefore, the positions you take with the data you receive from a source can harm you.

How Do Forex Signals Work?

Forex markets are experiencing fairly rapid changes. Those who can follow these trends of rapid rises and falls can quickly grow their investments. Forex signals are a common name given to systems that analyze these changes and give you instant information. By analyzing the markets, you can update your positions with forex signals that transmit the results to your subscribers. Forex signals are systems that are updated every day and promise instant notifications to you.

Why Are Forex Signals Banned?

Buy and sell Signals Forex Investment Services and capital markets III published by the communiqué on principles -37.1 numbered side of services with the activities of the ‘ leveraged transactions in individual portfolio management and investment advisory limitation, titled’ 27/B is located in the first paragraph of the article, 'Brokerage firms may not provide individual portfolio management or investment advisory services for these transactions to their customers with whom they offer leveraged trading transactions.’ pursuant to this sentence and also in the provision of the notification in question again clearly, as stated in connection with leveraged transactions, the transactions of the customers offered investment advice or portfolio management services cannot be provided and that means ‘trading strategy’ , ‘buy-sell signal " or similar names are identified with, the provision of any services of this and similar nature, which are stated to be offered as general investment advice but can be evaluated within the scope of investment advisory activity, is prohibited because it is contrary to capital market legislation.

If you plan to invest in Forex, you can start investing in immediately.

Note: There are many websites that sell Forex signals, we recommend that you do not lose money on these sites. In order to be successful in the Forex market, as in any investment market, a good education is required.

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