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  What Is The Swap Price?
Posted by: admin - 10-10-2020, 04:20 PM - Forum: Forex - No Replies

Swap as the meaning of the word change means to swap. But for forex traders, the term means much more. Because many investors are curious about what a Swap is, it is worth explaining it by going into a little more detail. A Swap is a very important point that many investors confuse, sometimes even don't notice. Because this concept is actually the creator of the plus-minus situation that occurs in your account.

More specifically, a swap is the cost of overnight transport that is reflected in your account, plus or minus, according to the difference in interest between the currency pairs that you have made. In other words, if you have decided to put the high interest one of the two currencies into the market and apply the idea of keeping the low interest one in your hand, the overnight cost of carrying the low interest money will be reflected in your account.

Swap transactions are based entirely on the logic of lending the money received and borrowing the money sold.

For a simple example, when you create a long position at USD/GBP parity, you give the Turkish lira to the market and receive a dollar with a low interest rate in return. This transaction will return to the investor as a minus-directional swap price. When you sell USD/GBP, you give dollars to the market and receive Turkish lira in return. Because you give a low-interest currency to the market, you will also get a plus-way swap income.

Swap prices are valid for overnight jobs, transactions that are not closed on the same day and transferred to another day. This application is carried out on the basis of official interest rates announced by the Central Bank.

Watch Out For Wednesdays

As we just said, the swap cost does not apply to overnight jobs and transactions that you open and close during the day. But forex traders should be wary of Wednesdays. Swap prices are applied on a 1-day basis during the week, except on Wednesday. A 3-day swap fee is applied to a position opened on Wednesday and not closed until 00:00. This is due to the fact that markets are closed over the weekend and open positions in pairs are valued for 2 days. On holidays when markets are closed, the practice of swaps continues in positions that are open.

In the Forex market, you also have an option to create a forex account without swaps. This type of account appeals to investors who prefer to stay away from interest. Forex market investors who do not accept the cost of carrying per night can easily take advantage of this type of account.

In short, the swap is called the overnight cost reflected in your account, plus or minus, according to the difference in interest between the currency pairs you have made.

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  What Are Forex Indicators?
Posted by: admin - 10-10-2020, 04:19 PM - Forum: Forex - No Replies

Indicators mean mathematical indicators. By evaluating historical data, they are technical analysis tools that produce results using mathematical methods for estimating future prices. Buy-sell signals can be obtained with statistical indicators coming out of these forecasts. Indicators help us make our investment decisions so that we can conduct technical analysis of pairs and analyze the market more easily. The fact that the investor can literally use the indicator that is the most effective and logical to his strategy will allow him to take a solid step in his technical analysis strategy. At this point, we put together popular indicators that help investors the most.

MA (Moving Average)

Moving Average refers to the moving average. By summing the average levels of prices, it outputs an overall average and looks at today's values, showing what prices we will encounter in the coming time frame. Moving averages are one of the most widely used indicators on price charts. By defining multiple moving averages with different periods on a chart, many investors may prefer to obtain results from the intersections of their average lines and use this as basic data. Moving Average is the best tool that shows how far price movement deviates from its usual course, regardless of its intended use.

MACD (Moving Average Convergence/Divergence)

It is an indicator that creates moving averages depending on the convergence or departure of the changing values of currency parity in the market. It is an important investment aid that gives information about the continuity and acceleration of the market and shows the trend direction. At the moment when it is added to parity, it appears in the form of red wavy lines and gray bars. Red dashed wavy line above 0 the exit point from the white bars is the sat signal, and below 0 is the buy signal. The point where the red wavy line and white bars Cross 0 from top to bottom together gives a strong sell signal, and the point where it passes from bottom to top gives a strong buy signal.

Bollinger Bands
Bollinger Bands, which are tasked with being a mirror of the market to the investor in Trend tracking transactions, consist of volatility bands. Bands automatically expand when volatility increases and contract when it decreases. Bollinger Bands consist of 3 distinct curves. It shows the band resistance level above, the band moving average in the middle, the band support level below. Bollinger Bands are used with determinants such as M-peak and w-dip or trend strength.

It is used to indicate the rate of fluctuation of currency parity in the market. This indicator is available on platforms under the heading “Oscillators”. It is an indicator that is important to investors. Momentum can give very effective results, especially when used in conjunction with indicators such as MACD. The working logic of the indicator in Metatrader is:

An “X” period is determined for the indicator. (The period with a standard value of 14 may vary depending on the investor's strategy.),
” Closing 1 " is assigned the closing price of the current bar,
” Closing X " as X bar is assigned the previous closing price,
Momentum is calculated as = 100 x (“Closing 1” / “closing X”).

We mentioned Forex indicators MA indicator, MACD indicator, Bollinger Bands and Momentum indicator. We hope you can find the information you are looking for on our page.

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  What Are Bonds?
Posted by: admin - 10-10-2020, 04:18 PM - Forum: Stock Market - No Replies

If you ask what a bond is, a bond is a debt bond issued by government or private companies in exchange for an interest yield of at least one year. In other words, a bond held for a minimum period of one year provides an interest return at the end of the maturity. In order for bond investment to be profitable, that is, to achieve a successful result, it is extremely important that investors obtain information.

Learning every detail from the definition of bonds to their properties by the investor is the first step on the path to success. For example, while there is no risk of default in Treasury bonds, there is principal and also risk of default in corporate bonds. An investor should first know what bonds mean and know these risks and make their investments with these risks in mind. When the bonds are due, the debtor's government or company pays back the fee it owes, along with interest.

What's A Bond?

A bond investment that, if invested correctly, gives its investor big gains, whets the appetite of many investors.In its shortest expression, a bond means a precious bond.Non-risky bond investments such as the stock market or Forex account for up to 50% Kaar for periods such as 1 year.If you are going to make an investment for the first time, it will be useful for you to know in detail the properties of the bond after you know what the bond is.

Features of the bond include;

It's a debt note.
It has the status of Negotiable Instruments.
Bonds can be written in the name of the person purchased, that is, on behalf of the bearer, or they can be written in the bearer.
Bonds can be issued at a value below their face value.
The nominal value and lower - upper limit of a bond are determined by the issuer of that bond.
A bond is a bill of receivables for buyers and a bill of debt for Joint Stock Companies.
When the bond expires, the legal relationship between the holder of the bond and the institution issuing the bond ends.
In addition to companies, government and public organizations that have legal personality, such as municipalities, can also issue bonds.Investors can invest in these bonds and make a profit by performing deals.

What Are The Types Of Bonds?

Do not think about what the question of what types of bonds are related to bonds also means, this question does not confuse you.Bond varieties have a fairly wide range.People who want to invest in bonds can buy bonds by choosing one of these types of bonds.

Government bonds are bonds issued by the state. These bonds have maturities of more than one year.

They are also known as government domestic debt securities (DIBS). Government bonds are a financial instrument. Legal entities have the right to benefit from government bonds. The state guarantees to pay the money it owes in the specified term, along with interest. Government bonds are preferred because they are reliable. In addition, profit rates are low. In other words, interest rates are low. However, it is the preference of investors because they are reliable.

Private sector bonds are bonds issued by banks or Joint Stock Companies. It refers to the borrowing of companies in order to create a source of financing. The group of bonds with the highest risk are private sector bonds. Investors who want to invest in private sector bonds should first question the credibility of the company that issued the bond. A bond can be invested if it is issued by a trusted company.
Bearer and Nama written bonds; a bond is a Nama written bond if it is specified in the name, and a bearer written bond if it is not specified in the name. If the bearer bonds are in the possession of the bearer, the right to cash the bond belongs to that person.
Premium and head-to-head bonds; the type of bond placed on the market with the value specified on the bond is called head-to-head bonds. If a bond is placed on the market at a value lower than the value written on it, this bond is called a Premium Bond.
Fixed and variable rate bonds; bonds determined by supply and demand are variable rate bonds. Fixed interest is applied for periods of 3.6 and 1 year.
Bonus bonds, guaranteed bonds, and indexed bonds are other types of bonds.These can be used as an investment tool, but do not show as strong impressions as the popular types of bonds.

What Are The Terms Of Bond Issuance?
At the beginning of our article, we shared with you in detail what is a bond and who creates it.Government,companies and firms that want to borrow money can issue bonds by meeting the conditions for issuing bonds.In this way, the investor can make kaarli investments by borrowing money while earning interest.

The conditions for issuing bonds are as follows.

Amount of capital stock
Title, subject, duration and center of the company
Nominal values
Current status of the company according to the last balance sheet approved by the General Assembly
Amount of interest to be issued
Redemption form and duration
Date of the General Assembly's decision to issue bonds
At least two authorized signatures
Whether there is collateral or collateral on the company's assets
Companies,States, and organizations that meet these requirements can issue bonds and sell bonds, allowing investors to invest.A bond, which is a fairly complex investment, is a strong income method for both investors and firms that receive investments.

The circulation of writing

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  What Is Parity, How Is Parity Calculated?
Posted by: admin - 10-10-2020, 04:16 PM - Forum: Stock Market - No Replies

What is parity,types of parity, how is parity calculated.When we compare the currencies of different countries with each other, we have actually made a parity calculation.When we go to an exchange office and we want to buy dollars or euros with our local money, that is, GBP, the value we see as the current dollar rate or euro rate is the parity value.This concept, whose name is mentioned quite often in the money markets today, is a name that forex traders know very well. When investing in a currency or forex transaction, we make this purchase by looking at parity.

The parity, which we often refer to in Global money markets and forex transactions, is the calculation of the value of two different countries ' money to each other.For example, the answer to the question of what is euro/dollar parity is actually the answer to the question of how many dollars 1 euro is worth.Again, in the same way, dollar/TL parity is expressed as how many Turkish lira is actually $ 1.

What Is Parity?

If you are going to say what parity is by its general definition, in short, it is the value of the currency used by one of the countries with different currencies against the currency of another country. Parity means equality as opposed to the word.

We must understand what parity means when it is called, that the value of currencies to each other at the current exchange rate is desired.When calculating this value, the ratio of the first typed currency to the second typed currency appears as a parity value.

What Are The Types Of Parity?

The value of a currency belonging to one country compared to the currency of another country is also called a currency pair. Parity is expressed in financial markets by the international codes of currencies belonging to countries. Value and rates are determined by taking into account the countries ' interest rates and economic conditions.

It seems that the pairs diverge between themselves. Accordingly, there are 3 types of parity: major, minor and exotic. Although there are 7 major currencies among the types of parity determined by the volume of trading in the money markets, the currencies other than this are also called minor.

Major Parity; since 80% of trading in financial markets occurs in major pairs, the most traded pairs are major pairs. In general, the currency used by countries whose economies have a larger volume is the major currency. Buying and selling is easier than other pairs, so the price difference is less. For this reason, it may be advantageous to buy and sell at a higher rate.

From major parities;

AUD / USD is one of the most preferred.
A minor pair is a pair that has less trading volume than a major pair. Since the local currency is generally used in minor pairs, it is used by local investors as a weight. In minor pairs, the economic developments of both countries must be examined in order to realize a successful trading strategy.

Most traded minor currencies;

Exotic parity; parity is the lowest trading volume in parity. The Turkish lira, EURTRY, GDPTRY and USDTRY are considered among the exotic pairs. In exotic pairs, the difference between buying and selling prices can be quite high.

How To Calculate Parity?
In money markets, parity transactions are made by selling one currency and buying another currency at the same time. Although parity calculations are not a complex process, contrary to popular belief, they are performed with a simple fiction. Since the calculation of the value of two different currencies against each other will be considered, the calculation process is carried out by proportioning. In a simple way, the parity value can be calculated by dividing one currency into another.

Factors Affecting Parity

Pairs are affected by many factors. The value of parity, the overnight interest rates applied by central banks, the mobility in economic data, and the developments in countries in political and economic terms move up and down and are affected.

Interest rates applied by central banks are carried out in order to ensure financial stability and to keep the currency used in balance. In this context, it can lower or increase interest rates. The most important factor for increasing the value of money is the raising of interest, which will be applied by central banks. In other words, interest in that currency also increases when the interest rate increases.

Mobility in economic data allows you to learn about the economic situation of countries, as well as determine the state of markets. Economic data are non-agricultural employment, inflation and gross domestic product data.

Developments in political terms are one of the factors affecting parity values. Trade and political wars, conflicts and embargoes, and policy variability between countries have a very high impact.

In addition, one of the factors affecting parity is volatility. Volatility is changes in the price of a product over a certain period of time. Products with high volatility are less preferred than products with low volatility. Investors generally prefer products with low volatility.

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  Setcard passing places, restaurants and grocery stores
Posted by: admin - 10-10-2020, 04:10 PM - Forum: Customer Service - No Replies

People who want to shop using the setcard meal card want to know which restaurants and grocery stores are available.In this article we have prepared for you, you can find out in detail where you can shop with setcard. In this way,you can find the nearest member workplace to your location,or find popular setcard places and places to spend in major cities such...

If you are a setcard owner and want to cash in instead of shopping with your accumulated food card balance, you can immediately find out how you can cash out your food card by clicking on the Setcard cash out title.

What Is Setcard?

The setcard is a food card and is offered by many businesses today as a side right so that employees can meet their food needs.In this way, companies can easily perform operations such as filling employees ' Meal Card Monthly at once or remote balance around the clock over the internet, while at the same time they can also benefit from a tax deduction thanks to the meal premium.Today, many businesses provide setcards to their employees, allowing them to exchange food. In this way, employees can eat with setcard in any cafe and restaurant at any time with this food card he can do the shopping.

The biggest advantage of using Setcard is that you don't have to carry money with you.So you can quickly pay for your food by using your food card in shopping malls and many other fast food chains.Moreover, many grocery and dining restaurants often offer special discounts to setcard customers.

Setcard Passing Places

There are many places, cafes and restaurants where you can shop with Setcard.For your convenience, we have compiled a list of the most popular and setcard-passing places that you can find in almost every city, every county.You can pay with setcard in the dining places you will see here and choose the menu you want with reasonable prices.

Popular places where you can pay with Setcard;

Burger King
Dominos Pizza

The places we share above are located in 81 provinces and pass through setcard. After eating at these places, you can quickly pay the fee using your meal card when you make a payment at the checkout.In addition, these places often prepare special menus for setcard customers.

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  What Is Digital Money?
Posted by: admin - 10-10-2020, 04:09 PM - Forum: Customer Service - No Replies

Although digital money, or as we call it, virtual money, has recently entered our lives, it has now become a new generation of money followed by the whole world.It is developing and spreading at such a speed that virtual coins, which we questioned a year or two ago as reliable, are now bought and sold by investors with hundreds of varieties on the stock market.Digital currencies, in particular, where cryptocurrencies have a large share in the sector, are seen as valuable pir value that will save states from the cost of paper and metal.

So what is digital money that many are wondering? How to buy, sell and create digital coins?

What Is Digital Money?

Digital currency, which has the same meaning as real money, is a currency that we use at the point of payment for internet purchases.The only difference between these coins, which have the same qualities as real money, is that they are virtual coins.So we can't hold it with our hands, but we can use it when shopping online.It is also called virtual money because it is only seen and used in the internet environment.

There are many examples of virtual money that can be given to digital money.For example, bonuses on credit cards are virtual money, i.e. digital money.It appears as a balance on your card, but in reality there is no money for paper, but you can shop.Or let's give it with a different example; cryptocurrencies.Cryptocurrencies, which have acquired a fairly large place today, are taking a big place in the currency trade that takes place around the world.Cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin, which attract the attention of many investors, especially because they are not connected to a center, have many virtual currency investors. You can't put digital coins that you can get for real money on the Internet in your wallet, but you can carry them with virtual wallets, such as cryptocurrency wallets.If you want to pay someone, you can transfer money by typing the other party's crypto wallet ID.

Digital Currencies

There are many virtual currencies that you can buy and sell through the digital currency exchange.You can make online purchases using these pra units, or you can make high gains from the scissors formed by trading by exchanging foreign currency or TL currencies.Currently, there are many cryptocurrency exchanges where you can buy digital money, and the most popular of the currencies that you can buy from these exchanges are as follows.

Sample digital coins;


The above digital coins are cryptocurrencies, and there are hundreds of different cryptocurrencies like them.Each of these currencies has its own value and an exchange. In other words, each has a separate price and can be purchased in currencies such as GBP or dollar. If you say where to buy digital money, you can buy these currencies in our country from cryptocurrency exchanges or from cryptocurrency sites such as operating in our country.

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  What's A Barter Check?
Posted by: admin - 10-10-2020, 03:57 PM - Forum: Car Loans - No Replies

Barter is one of the most frequently used Negotiable Instruments today.Barter, which means barter as a word, has recently become one of the payment tools often used in house or car purchases.For the first time, you can find answers to all the questions that come to mind in this article, which contains information such as what is a barter check and how to use it, which is one of the questions that those who have heard this word are curious about.Similar to negotiable instruments such as checks, with this method of free trade, companies can exchange what they want to receive with a barter check.

Barter, which is a certifiable payment check by corporate companies that are members of the barter system, is the concrete equivalent of the price to be paid in exchange for the trade made.People who have this document can exchange different products at the value of the check.Payment with a barter check, which we often see in car purchases, is one of the most common methods of clearing.A product can be purchased from the companies where the check is valid if it is desired to be used directly, but it is usually exchanged by changing hands, as in checks.

What's A Barter Check?

A Barter check is a valuable document that more than one cash-strapped company prefers to use instead of using cash to make purchases between them.In this way, these companies do not pay cash in the purchases they will make within themselves, but give a barter check on the value of the product or service, allowing collection with another purchase.Here we can understand the reason why the meaning of the word that comes to us when we search for a barter check in the dictionary.

In this way, companies receive kaar by constantly selling, while buying their needs in exchange for a barter check, they both owe the market and do not pay in cash.In order for a Barter check to be used, more than one company must come together and determine the companies to which this barter check will be valid.

How To Collect A Barter Check?

The provisions of these checks, which are usually produced for use in a community formed by multiple companies that have cash problems, are services or products that these companies sell.In other words, barter checks cannot be converted to cash in the collection process, but can be purchased by some brokers at high commissions.

In payments with a barter check, the goal is to stop cash flow and trade using the clearing method.In other words, if you have a barter check, you can use it by purchasing products or services from companies where that check is accepted.You can think of it as gift certificates that we see in grocery stores.If you have a gift certificate, you can't cash it, but you can meet your needs by buying products in those markets.If you want to cash a barter check, you can find people who can buy your check with very serious deductions, but this deduction is almost 50 % may be high.

Is the barter check legal?

Barter is one of the legal checks in use since 1992.It is regularly audited by the Ministry of Finance and is one of the payment methods accepted in accounting records.Barter cheques are actively traded in accordance with the provisions of the Commercial Laws and the Code of obligations in force.Today, many companies actively use barter checks.

Is the barter check safe ?
Barter checks are one of the checks that are actively used and legal in our country.The security of the check may vary according to the managing company of the market.As mentioned above, in order to create a barter check, more than one company must come together and create a common Sunday.The more secure the barter companies that manage this market and barter checks, the safer it will be for you to get a refund of your check.

In order to understand the security of the check, you must research The Barter company to which this document is connected in the market.We do not recommend that you work with barter companies that are newly established and have no more references.Choosing familiar companies that have been active in the system for many years will help you get your check back safely.

Where Is The Barter Check Used?
Barter checks valid for companies in the Barter system are provided in exchange for purchase and trade transactions between companies in the pool, and when these checks are requested to be used, they are again valid for companies in this pool.

Since there are hundreds of barter pools on the market, not every barter check is valid everywhere and is only valid in companies located in that pool.For this reason, it is not possible to share a list of companies that accept barter checks or to say where they are used.You can get the clearest information about this from the barter company to which the check you have is linked.The company will inform you about your pool and share with you the companies where the barter check is valid.

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  Where's The Client Number?
Posted by: admin - 10-10-2020, 03:55 PM - Forum: Car Loans - No Replies

If you are a customer of a bank, a digital broadcasting platform, a telecom company, or an internet service provider, you are likely to know the answer to the question of what is the customer number in this case. Customer number or customer number with the correct pronunciation is a kind of recognition number provided by some institutions for their customers and created for their customers.

When attempting to process together with the customer number, an attempt is made to create a simpler transaction network that can be serviced directly with the customer number, rather than by first name or similar search types.

What's The Customer Number?

Customer number is a unique number created specifically for each customer.Each bank customer has a different customer number, and other corporate customers have similarly special numbers.Thanks to this number, banks and institutions can know who you are and access your information by accessing your account.In short, you can learn your customer ID number with customer number learning methods.

Although the bank customer number varies in some banks, it consists of 8 digits as standard in our country.Using your customer number, you can make many transactions such as credit payments, deposits and withdrawals through ATM and customer service.

Where's The Client Number?

If you want to get customer ID information in your banking transactions, let's tell you where this number is written. If you are a bank customer, the customer number is located on the front of the debit cards that the bank has forwarded to you, just at the bottom left or top of your 16-digit debit card. This number, which is independent of your 16-digit debit card, can also be printed on the back if it is not on the front of your card.

The customer number that you will receive from different services and institutions other than banking can be found on your invoices or on your service contract.If you can't see your number on these documents, you can call customer service and find out where else your customer number is written through the operator after a short security process.

Customer Number Learning

Those who are interested in the answer to the question of how to easily learn the customer number can practically find this number on their bank account cards. If you have not been able to reach this number on the front or back of your card, then another way to find out your customer number is to make a phone call to customer service. It is possible to connect to customer service, which is active 24/7, with the Republic of Turkey Identification Number and obtain your customer number.

In this way, in all cases where you need a customer number, you will be able to receive services together with the customer number, which you can take notes for, and use this number.Learning the bank's customer number is a much simpler process than thought.You can find out your number immediately by choosing the one that best suits you from the methods we shared in the previous paragraph.

How Many Digits Is The Customer Number?

For bank customers, it is wondered how many digits the customer number contained on debit cards is in total. To find out, if you have an IBAN number for your account, it will be just as easy to reach your customer number and find out how many digits it has. As you know, the last 16 digits on the 26-digit IBAN number refer to the account number. If you remove the first and last 4 digits of these 16 digits, the 8-digit section in the middle section will give you your customer number.

The other 4 households refer to different banking information, such as the branch code.In this article, we gave you information about various topics, such as how many digits the customer number is and where the author is the customer number.If you want to learn more about banking, check out our other articles below.

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  How To Open A Closed Credit Card?
Posted by: admin - 10-10-2020, 03:53 PM - Forum: Life Insurance - No Replies

The process of opening the closed credit card to use is very curious by our citizens. Sometimes due to debt, sometimes due to different reasons, our credit card can be closed for use by the bank. Even yourself, you can call your bank to request that the card be closed for use during periods when you do not want to use the credit card. In this case, the need to open the credit card, which is closed later, may arise. No need to worry, in this article we will talk about some methods in which you can quickly re-open your credit card to use. If your credit card has been closed due to debt, you must first pay off the entire debt to open this card. It is unlikely that the card will be opened until the debt is paid. So, how to open a closed credit card?

How To Open A Closed Credit Card?

If you've turned off your credit card, how you turn it off is pretty important. Because cancelled credit cards often need to be destroyed. So you must have broken your credit card after closing it. So we understand from here that when we re-use the credit card, we will start using the new credit card, not the old one.

If you meet the necessary conditions, you must first apply to the bank. If you want it to have the same features as your old credit card, you also need to report it to the bank. In this way, features such as limit will also be the same as your old card, only information such as the card number and expiration date will change. Of course, if you want to open it, your credit rating should also be eligible to use the relevant limit.

Can A Closed Credit Card Be Reopened?

Yes, it can be opened. But this will also vary depending on how you close your credit card. In other words, if you have completely canceled your credit card, there is no action to do for it. You can apply for a new credit card.

Although your credit card is closed due to debt, the debt must be fully paid in order to re-use the credit card. If the debt is not given to the lawyer, the credit card is temporarily closed and there may be a possibility of reopening after the debt is paid. But if you have not paid off the credit card debt for a long time and caused the debt to fall to the lawyer, the credit card is completely canceled by the bank and does not open.

My Credit Card Was Canceled Because Of Debt, How Can I Open It?

If you say that a credit card that closes because of debt opens, yes, it is also possible to open it. But many factors, such as the status of the debt, whether it is in legal pursuit, should be taken into account. Banks ' assessment criteria are already progressing in this way.

If the credit card has been cancelled due to debt, it is usually considered a temporary cancellation for precautionary purposes. If you have not broken your debt for a long time, the credit card becomes available when payment is made later. These transactions progress automatically in some banks, while in some banks you may need to make transactions by calling customer service.

Does The Credit Card In The Configuration Open?

Given that the credit card in the configuration process is also canceled due to debt, it is not possible to open it. Already in the configuration process, the credit card is completely canceled and the debt is re-installment, and it is not possible to use it.

But there is another point to note. If your credit card is not canceled and you continue to use it normally, you can continue to use it if you configure it. These transactions are usually made with needed loans.

How To Open A Closed Credit Card?

Closing the card due to lost stolen
Closing the card due to suspicious transaction
Cancellation of the card due to debt
Closing the card to transactions for security reasons
As you can see in the list above, there are many options that cause the credit card to be canceled. You need to know which one you're up against. If your credit card has been cancelled due to lost and stolen, it is already automatically opened by the bank and a new card is sent to you.

If your credit card is canceled because of debt, it's harder to overcome this type of problem. First, the debt must be completely closed, as the credit card that you do not pay off will be completely canceled by the bank. But there is no guarantee that the credit card will reopen.

If the credit card has been cancelled for security reasons, the bank will also provide new card delivery. In other words, you do not need to take any action.

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  Winning Without Losing On The Stock Market
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A stock market is a market that operates for individuals to evaluate their investments and savings. As with any business, it is necessary to take correct and decisive steps in order to make a profit in this market. The most important point in the stock market is to fully understand the transactions you will make and to know what you are doing in a good way, you also need to be sure of yourself. As we will experience losses in every sector, it is unfortunately possible to experience serious losses in the stock market. So how about winning without losing in the stock market? Is it possible to win without losing in the stock market?

Be Confident, Experienced To Win In The Stock Market

Of course, it is possible to earn your money in the stock market without losing it or diminishing it. However, professional stock market investors can achieve this seriously. But no matter how experienced and experienced a person is, it is also possible to experience losses in the stock market. A professional investor may also suffer losses as a result of serious market turmoil. Never forget that such situations and such loss risks are constantly present in stock market markets, and use your experience in the right steps. In this case, more experience, more knowledge and experience is needed. You can improve your experience in stock market markets with virtual coins in virtual stock market games, forex markets and make your real investments safer. Already, stock market investors constantly receive such training and shape in this direction how to take steps in which direction to invest.

If you have not traded in stock markets before, you can review our stock market category and read the training documents contained in the section.

Winning Without Losing On The Stock Market

As you can see, the way not to lose in the stock market is through education and experience. If you develop yourself seriously in this market and start your investments after training, your loss rate will decrease significantly. And after you complete your training, everything does not end! In order to be ready to invest, you must play virtual stock market games and you can make investments in forex markets with virtual coins, you can make your knowledge and experience with virtual money without risking it. After doing market research for a while and trading with virtual currency, you may now be able to earn without losing in the stock market. As soon as you feel ready, start!

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