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What Is Digital Money?
Although digital money, or as we call it, virtual money, has recently entered our lives, it has now become a new generation of money followed by the whole world.It is developing and spreading at such a speed that virtual coins, which we questioned a year or two ago as reliable, are now bought and sold by investors with hundreds of varieties on the stock market.Digital currencies, in particular, where cryptocurrencies have a large share in the sector, are seen as valuable pir value that will save states from the cost of paper and metal.

So what is digital money that many are wondering? How to buy, sell and create digital coins?

What Is Digital Money?

Digital currency, which has the same meaning as real money, is a currency that we use at the point of payment for internet purchases.The only difference between these coins, which have the same qualities as real money, is that they are virtual coins.So we can't hold it with our hands, but we can use it when shopping online.It is also called virtual money because it is only seen and used in the internet environment.

There are many examples of virtual money that can be given to digital money.For example, bonuses on credit cards are virtual money, i.e. digital money.It appears as a balance on your card, but in reality there is no money for paper, but you can shop.Or let's give it with a different example; cryptocurrencies.Cryptocurrencies, which have acquired a fairly large place today, are taking a big place in the currency trade that takes place around the world.Cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin, which attract the attention of many investors, especially because they are not connected to a center, have many virtual currency investors. You can't put digital coins that you can get for real money on the Internet in your wallet, but you can carry them with virtual wallets, such as cryptocurrency wallets.If you want to pay someone, you can transfer money by typing the other party's crypto wallet ID.

Digital Currencies

There are many virtual currencies that you can buy and sell through the digital currency exchange.You can make online purchases using these pra units, or you can make high gains from the scissors formed by trading by exchanging foreign currency or TL currencies.Currently, there are many cryptocurrency exchanges where you can buy digital money, and the most popular of the currencies that you can buy from these exchanges are as follows.

Sample digital coins;


The above digital coins are cryptocurrencies, and there are hundreds of different cryptocurrencies like them.Each of these currencies has its own value and an exchange. In other words, each has a separate price and can be purchased in currencies such as GBP or dollar. If you say where to buy digital money, you can buy these currencies in our country from cryptocurrency exchanges or from cryptocurrency sites such as operating in our country.

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