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What Are Forex Indicators?
Indicators mean mathematical indicators. By evaluating historical data, they are technical analysis tools that produce results using mathematical methods for estimating future prices. Buy-sell signals can be obtained with statistical indicators coming out of these forecasts. Indicators help us make our investment decisions so that we can conduct technical analysis of pairs and analyze the market more easily. The fact that the investor can literally use the indicator that is the most effective and logical to his strategy will allow him to take a solid step in his technical analysis strategy. At this point, we put together popular indicators that help investors the most.

MA (Moving Average)

Moving Average refers to the moving average. By summing the average levels of prices, it outputs an overall average and looks at today's values, showing what prices we will encounter in the coming time frame. Moving averages are one of the most widely used indicators on price charts. By defining multiple moving averages with different periods on a chart, many investors may prefer to obtain results from the intersections of their average lines and use this as basic data. Moving Average is the best tool that shows how far price movement deviates from its usual course, regardless of its intended use.

MACD (Moving Average Convergence/Divergence)

It is an indicator that creates moving averages depending on the convergence or departure of the changing values of currency parity in the market. It is an important investment aid that gives information about the continuity and acceleration of the market and shows the trend direction. At the moment when it is added to parity, it appears in the form of red wavy lines and gray bars. Red dashed wavy line above 0 the exit point from the white bars is the sat signal, and below 0 is the buy signal. The point where the red wavy line and white bars Cross 0 from top to bottom together gives a strong sell signal, and the point where it passes from bottom to top gives a strong buy signal.

Bollinger Bands
Bollinger Bands, which are tasked with being a mirror of the market to the investor in Trend tracking transactions, consist of volatility bands. Bands automatically expand when volatility increases and contract when it decreases. Bollinger Bands consist of 3 distinct curves. It shows the band resistance level above, the band moving average in the middle, the band support level below. Bollinger Bands are used with determinants such as M-peak and w-dip or trend strength.

It is used to indicate the rate of fluctuation of currency parity in the market. This indicator is available on platforms under the heading “Oscillators”. It is an indicator that is important to investors. Momentum can give very effective results, especially when used in conjunction with indicators such as MACD. The working logic of the indicator in Metatrader is:

An “X” period is determined for the indicator. (The period with a standard value of 14 may vary depending on the investor's strategy.),
” Closing 1 " is assigned the closing price of the current bar,
” Closing X " as X bar is assigned the previous closing price,
Momentum is calculated as = 100 x (“Closing 1” / “closing X”).

We mentioned Forex indicators MA indicator, MACD indicator, Bollinger Bands and Momentum indicator. We hope you can find the information you are looking for on our page.

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