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Loan approval process
Before applying for a loan, we first audited our need for a loan, determined the numbers in the form of maturity and quantity, made a loan comparison and applied to the most suitable one. After this point, it is at the bank's initiative whether to approve the loan. Let's see if this approval process is progressing well.:

Credit evaluation process

If you have applied online, the bank's system automatically reaches your KKB rating with your information. If your score is appropriate, it makes a calculation within your income level with the credit you will pay. And accordingly, it gets the result of whether I approve your loan or not.

The same process occurs when you apply with a message. You pass on your credentials and the bank instantly checks your Findex credit rating. And then he sends a sequel based on your creditworthiness.
In both cases, when your loan approves, make sure that this is a pre-payment or credit approval. When applying to the bank, you may again encounter a loan approval process.

In applications made from bank branches, the process takes a little more stage before your eyes. In fact, when you fill out the documents for applying for a loan or give your TC ID number, the bank officer has the opportunity to tell you whether the loan will come out. In some cases, when the credit rating is low, the bank branch can fill out the form and send it to the general manager for approval. In such cases, the process is a little longer.

Some give instant credit and allow money to pass into your bank account. This form of loans can make things easier for you.

In general, the most common questions in the process of approving a loan application are about the duration. Some banks can give your immediate credit result as positive or negative as we mentioned in the first place, while in others this process can be even longer. There is no certain period of time, but in general, within 2 business days, you can find out if you have a loan, especially in requirement loans.

How do we increase the chances of banks approving loans?
Findex rating, there is a scoring system that banks named Credit Rating refer to when making loans. According to this scoring system, the lowest score is 1, and the highest score is 1900. The Points you need to get comfortable credit is 1000 and above.

There is also a possibility that your application will be approved when you apply for a loan with points below 1000. Only when you have a high score can you get undocumented credit, while for those with a low score, the process can be a little more laborious. Sometimes it can end up negative. Because of this, we should know that the result of the loan application is related to the credit rating one-on-one, and we should pay the necessary attention to the credit score.

So how does this credit scoring work?

In order for your credit rating to be high, your performance to pay off the loans you first received from this must be organized, your performance to pay off credit card debts. Honestly, you shouldn't be late. Paying off the minimum amount of credit card debt will save you without delay. Although you can't pay in full, Be careful to pay the minimum amount.

Again, the KMH you receive from banks, your level of using the limits of products in the form of credit cards is also effective in your credit score. If you have not established a credit relationship with any bank by this time, your credit score will be 0. This, in turn, makes it difficult to use credit.

At times when your credit rating is low, banks may ask you for a salary document, a guarantor, or a accumulated money document. These are some of the main ways to get a loan when your credit rating is low.

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