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Why Are Forex Signals Banned?
Forex signals are analyses that give you information about the market when you open a buying or selling position in general.

What Is Forex Signal?

Forex signals, also known as ‘buy-sell’ or ‘trade signals’ in the markets, are information that provides you with market analysis and allows you to open positions in this direction when you are making a buy or sell transaction. Forex signals can open transactions that you will profit from, as well as make losses. But remember that forex instruments are a whole, and sound analysis comes from analyzing many sources together. Therefore, the positions you take with the data you receive from a source can harm you.

How Do Forex Signals Work?

Forex markets are experiencing fairly rapid changes. Those who can follow these trends of rapid rises and falls can quickly grow their investments. Forex signals are a common name given to systems that analyze these changes and give you instant information. By analyzing the markets, you can update your positions with forex signals that transmit the results to your subscribers. Forex signals are systems that are updated every day and promise instant notifications to you.

Why Are Forex Signals Banned?

Buy and sell Signals Forex Investment Services and capital markets III published by the communiqué on principles -37.1 numbered side of services with the activities of the ‘ leveraged transactions in individual portfolio management and investment advisory limitation, titled’ 27/B is located in the first paragraph of the article, 'Brokerage firms may not provide individual portfolio management or investment advisory services for these transactions to their customers with whom they offer leveraged trading transactions.’ pursuant to this sentence and also in the provision of the notification in question again clearly, as stated in connection with leveraged transactions, the transactions of the customers offered investment advice or portfolio management services cannot be provided and that means ‘trading strategy’ , ‘buy-sell signal " or similar names are identified with, the provision of any services of this and similar nature, which are stated to be offered as general investment advice but can be evaluated within the scope of investment advisory activity, is prohibited because it is contrary to capital market legislation.

If you plan to invest in Forex, you can start investing in immediately.

Note: There are many websites that sell Forex signals, we recommend that you do not lose money on these sites. In order to be successful in the Forex market, as in any investment market, a good education is required.

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