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Is it possible to learn Forex?
The learning process works differently in each person. For example, a child who has been listening to classical music since an early age and is constantly interested in instruments at home will have a higher auditory perception and intelligence, while a child who is constantly watching movies, spending time with coloring books, or providing their first learning experience by connecting pictures and words will have a more dominant visual intelligence. When we consider verbal, numerical, physical, social, internal and natural intelligence, we encounter 8 different types of intelligence, and they directly affect our relationship with the forex markets, as in everything else.

What Should Be The Dominant Type Of Intelligence In Forex?

At first glance, you may think that forex is only related to numerical intelligence. It is true that it has a close relationship with numerical data, but if we say that only a person with numerical intelligence can learn and perform leveraged transactions, we are very much mistaken. Because numbers aren't all we're looking at here. If you're just looking at them, you're still a “novice” investor. Numerical intelligence comes from the fact that you care about causal relationships. But if you forget about the visual and social part, you may get tired or even bored a little faster.

Visual and sociability

People with social intelligence have a high ability to analyze, interpret and evaluate. And people with visual intelligence remember what they see. They are very sensitive to colors and detect similarities and patterns in images very quickly.

In other words, when you do not care about the social part, you cannot analyze properly, interpret events correctly, evaluate them in the best way after your transactions are finished, you only process them to increase or decrease the numbers.

And when you don't pay enough attention to the visual part, you lose time by constantly looking back and checking. Because you try to analyze without caring about the different colors and meanings found in charts and tables, you cannot perceive or predict the repetitions and patterns that will shape your investment decision and point to the future.

Where To Start Learning Forex?

Where should you start? From the side where you are strongest. But without ignoring the others, with a holistic approach.

Books, articles, online publications written about Forex, you can easily learn forex from courses held at certain periods each year. You have plenty of resources, lots of opportunities. In addition, with a forex trial account that you will create, you have the opportunity to test everything you have learned in advance and gain practice before entering the real market.

You can also get information about Forex from the free Forex Dictionary of England, which offers free of charge to investors and investor candidates.

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