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Are Forex markets reliable?
Are Forex markets reliable? we can certainly give the answer to his question is absolutely reliable. Because Forex markets and Forex brokerage firms are strictly controlled by The Capital Markets Board in our country. In our country, the institutions that mediate your trading in the Forex markets, which became legal in 2001, are frequently audited, as they must comply with many regulations and notices. Regulations and communiques issued for Forex brokerage firms are focused on ensuring the safety of investors. Another reason that makes forex reliable in our country is the license regulation applied to brokerage firms. Although not every brokerage firm is authorized for every transaction in the markets, it is necessary to fulfill certain qualifications in order to obtain these licenses. In order to become a Forex brokerage firm in our country, the application of “brokerage authorization for trading” is an important step that provides security. In addition, the most important of these licenses issued to make Forex more secure is the “broad authorized brokerage license”that we, as own. The Capital Markets Board has also implemented the necessary adjustments in leverage to make Forex safer in our country. For example, there are leverage ratios that go up to 1:500 abroad, while today in our country this ratio is limited to 1:10.

As a dictionary meaning, the word Forex refers to currency trading, which occurs through the conversion of one country's currency into another country's currency. Although the word Forex means foreign currency trading, you can invest not only in foreign currency in the Forex markets, but also in oil, gold, wheat, silver or even coffee. Forex markets, the world's largest financial markets, have a daily trading volume of more than $ 5.5 trillion. In markets that are open 5 days and 24 hours a day, you can easily invest anywhere at any time.

How Do I Secure My Forex Account?

Forex brokerage firms in our country require your written consent to make many transactions in your accounts to ensure your security. But since you perform your operations with a single button on platforms, you should pay attention to security when accessing here. Today, you can safely perform your transactions with investor-friendly screens with advanced interfaces such as InvestOR. In addition, with password and Touch ID technology, you can make your accounts more secure by choosing InvestOR Mobile, which maximizes your Forex account security. In addition, you should definitely not share both your forex account passwords and Meta Trader4 passwords with anyone and set high-security passwords specific to you.

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