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Questioning And Reclaiming Money Forgotten In Insurance
Last year, it was revealed that thousands of people had received insurance due to damage to their vehicles and had not received the accumulated amounts of their life insurance policies. According to research conducted for 2016, the number of people who forgot their receivables in insurance was announced to be more than 125 thousand.

Earlier, similar research was conducted for money forgotten in bank accounts, and Labor was started so that this money could be given to account holders. In the same way, people who have left receivables in vehicle insurance and life policies can receive their remaining money in the mentioned places by questioning.

Is money forgotten in insurance good to get back?

Insurance companies inform people about the issue by letter or telephone. Only people who do not receive their money despite this information or declare that they have not reached the side of the information can be questioned for a total of 28.8 million forgotten.

In this way, citizens who can find out if they have any money left in insurance can train their receivables until June 15. It is possible to make an inquiry with an identification number on the official website address of the assurance account.

For this win Another way to find out about your money left in insurance is to use the site of the insurance company you are a customer of. Since each company's respective web page is arranged separately, the address of all of them is different.

What Happens To Money Forgotten And Not Taken In Insurance?

During the press release, Security Account Manager explained that people with similarly long periods of 10 years or 20 years had deposited their life insurance policy, but that these money had not been taken despite the expiration of the period. The amount forgotten in insurance for the past year was £ 28.8 million. So, what happens if the forgotten insurance money is not received by the relevant date?

According to the statements made in accordance with the relevant regulation, it was announced that the amounts needed to be paid to the rights holders within the framework of insurance, all kinds of premiums and compensation needed for refunds will be transferred to the assurance account if the term expires in accordance with the legislation.

If the promised amounts are not trained by the actual owner, it is reported that insurance companies will transfer these amounts to the assurance account. Küçük, underlining that if these money is transferred to the Security account, the institution will record the money as direct income. In addition, he reminded that for such forgotten and not received money, insurance companies must transfer it to the insurance account once a year.

Money Forgotten In Insurance Must Be Received By June 15
The total amount forgotten in insurance companies must be received by June 15, 2017. Otherwise, amounts not received by the insured will be transferred to the Insurance Company's Insurance Account. The period given to the insurance companies for this transfer expires on 31 June 2017.

Recently, the number of people who leave their money accumulated in their life policy and the damage they are entitled to receive due to their vehicle in insurance companies has steadily increased. Because of this, it was decided that these sums would be regularly audited every year and that the forgotten money would be transferred to the Security account.

Under this arrangement, a ranking of insured persons who forgot their receivables at the beginning of the year began to be published each year. Citizens who are on the list are being urged by phone and letter to receive these coins by June 15.

Despite the calls of institutions and companies, there are citizens who do not know about the information, or people who do not train by forgetting their money again. June 15 June, the last day for these persons is reminded that they will not be able to claim a claim on their claim after June 15, 2017.

Because in accordance with the explanation made by the Security Account Manager, it is clear that these amounts will be transferred to the Security account on June 30 after the relevant date, and the money mentioned will be recorded as direct income. Because of this, insured persons who will receive must train their receivables until June 15, 2017

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