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What Is An Ininal Card? How To Buy? How To Deposit Money?
The Ininal card, which we often hear about in purchases, is used by many people due to the fact that the MasterCard payment system is valid. In fact, we can say the same with the credit card product of banks.

Only the biggest difference between them is that the age requirement is not sought on the Ininal card. In fact, because of this, many people under the age of 18 can use the Ininal shopping card without problems. This card, which is available from quite a place, is exactly what it works, what are its features and is it good to use, we explained in detail in our article…

What Is An Ininal Card?

One of the prepaid cards that can be used in a similar form, both a debit card and a credit card, is an Ininal card, which allows you to shop wherever Mastercard has passed. With this card brand, which is a subsidiary of Mastercard, you can shop on the web or at any time from real shopping centers.

Especially in a virtual environment, you can buy products in a safe state over the web with the help of this card, which is very much used in the store. Ininal card is an easy and secure payment card using MasterCard system.

What Does An Ininal Card Do?

The most obvious of the features of the Ininal card is that it can be used in a similar form to a regular credit card. By uploading money to your card from all ATM machines, you can also perform the transactions you want to do with your debit card. In addition, you can easily shop at many physiological and online payment points using your Ininal card.

In order to better understand the features of this card, we can explain it as follows: many virtual stores over the Internet that get you to shop safely, as well as stores in a physiological environment (grocery store, grocery store, grocery store, etc.) is a payment card released by a subsidiary of MasterCard that allows you to make fast purchases.

Is the Ininal card taken well?
There is no age limit for receiving an Ininal card. Because of this, each person can make a purchase by going to the Ininal card point of sale. There are 3 methods of buying the card. The first of these is mobile application. At the moment, you can get an Ininal card with the help of a mobile application from the top of a single ParaMara.

The second method is to go to the card's sales and money loading points. Like PTT Matik, Migros Jet, PTT, Migros, Tansaş, D&R, Teknosa, sales points provide Ininal card sales service. In addition, online purchases can also be made on Ininal's own website.

The third way to have an Ininal card is to have other ininal sales centers. Ininal card, which adds new sales centers to its structure every day, looks similar to the one that will soon start to be sold in many places. It can even replace banks ' credit cards after a certain period.

Naturally, you must pay a fee of 30 pounds to have a card. 5 pounds of this limit is taken as the card's transaction amount. Only the fee is not deducted from your card again every month. A fee is charged for removing a single card, and then no additional fee is charged.

After 30 gbp payment, the remaining 25 pounds remain in your floor and you can shop wherever MasterCard is valid.

Do you deposit money well on the Ininal card?

There are many methods that you can use to deposit money on an Ininal card. The channel that people use most of these methods is ATMs. After clicking EFT from the ATM, select the bank account you want to pay for.

In the Bank Name section, choose ING Bank, Istanbul and headquarters in order. The Branch Code must be entered as 1. When you request the account number, you must type the 16-digit number that takes place on the Ininal card.

In the name and surname section, the details of the ininal cardholder must be entered. After that, you can confirm the transaction by entering the amount you want to deposit. After this transaction, the deposited money will be uploaded to your card as soon as possible.

It is possible to deposit money to the Ininal card through the loading points. 2 percent of the amount you deposit when you want to make transactions from tellers in Ptt branches is charged as a fee. For pttmatics, the same rate of interruption is a promise.

When you make an Ininal card deposit from Migros and Migros jet vaults, 2 gbp is trained. In the same way, elite newspaper outlets Charge 2 pounds. ING Bank ATM allows you to make money-free transactions using the card-free transactions menu.

Another channel that serves without money is Paramara. By defining your credit card in this application, you can upload as much money as you want to the relevant account. The application covers Ininal card deposits completely without money.

No matter which channel you use, it is possible to make your life easier with the Ininal card. Especially for those who do not like to carry cash with them, we can call it a card that can be an alternative to a credit card or debit card. In order for you to make quick purchases only with your Ininal card, you must first successfully complete the money loading process using one of the above channels…

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