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Do you still get a statement even though you canceled your credit card?
Currently, the use of credit cards is gradually increasing in an uncontrolled state. The consumption spree has reached even more impenetrable heights with credit cards. In this case, consumers are going to close some credit cards in their hands, even if they are late.

Just in some cases, closing credit cards may not be a solution. Closed credit cards can continue to be issued in order. So, what should people do when I turn off my credit card and say that the statement is coming?

Closed credit card statement arrival status

We all know that cash and installment purchases are made with credit cards. In some cases, due to installment purchases, we may not be able to fully pay off the card's debt.

In some cases, after your credit card is canceled, monthly installments and deductible statements may continue to be sent to you, even if you have paid off your entire debt.

For this reason, even if you have closed your credit card, the statement will continue to arrive. It just doesn't mean your card isn't turned off.

What do I do if a statement comes to my closed credit card?

If you have closed your credit card and still continue to receive statements, read our advice below.

Our first suggestion is to deposit money into your GBP account at maturity up to the amount of the statement.
After that, you should connect to credit card transactions by calling the customer service of your bank.
After that, you should tell the recipient services that you want the statement information of your credit card that you have closed to no longer come.
The buyer services of your bank will also deduct the amount in your GBP account to maturity for that debt and no longer receive a statement from your card.

Banks may also be cunning

Be confident that all debt attached to the card can be closed. Close all debts, including forward-looking installments associated with credit cards. After that, apply for cancellation of your card. Cards you don't use are not considered canceled. Even if you do not use it, the bank will still charge a service fee, stating that it serves you. Customers believe that their entire debt has been closed before their statements are cut and the card has been cancelled.

For card cancellation, the cancellation request must be forwarded to the bank. If the buyer has paid the debt late, the interest may be reflected. Daily debt is displayed when the recipient's services are searched. If there is a late payment or interest is reflected, they are not seen. As long as he owes money, the statement comes. If the account pays first from the cut date, the interest is almost not reflected.

The buyer must track his account, credit card and account. Cards are also closed when there is a card debt, it is clear from the statements sent until the debt is over. If the cardholder does not pay in case of debt, execution can be even.

Can a closed credit card be reopened?

Another question asked is whether you can re-open the closed credit card, although it has little to do with the issue. This may vary depending on whether you have closed your card well.

If you have paid all your credit card debt at once and closed it without any delay, it is quite easy to re-use your credit card. You can easily apply for a new credit card from your bank's recipient services.

It may be more difficult to get a credit card again if you just couldn't pay off your credit card debt properly and so it closed. Again, getting a credit card depends on your credit rating and indebtedness.

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