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What Is A Home Loan?
A home loan is originally given as a type of mortgage that is used to finance needs that we can call housing or housing. This type of loan, which allows individuals to own a long-term home in a similar way that pays rent, can be used with equal installments and appropriate interest rates.

It is a loan that comes into play, especially when people who want to own a house do not have enough savings to buy the house in advance. Buying in a similar way makes it easier for individuals to own a home, paying rent using monthly stationary(stagnant) installments instead of paying the fee for the housing they want to buy at once.

What Is A Home Loan?

A type of loan that can be granted up to 80 percent of the value of the property in exchange for a mortgage of the house that needs to be purchased by the financial institution that uses the loan is called a home loan. Institutions can also refer to a home loan as a mortgage, a mortgage loan, or a holding sales loan.

Previously, the maximum home loan rate was 75 percent, while in 2016, the rate was reduced to 80 percent after a meeting by The Economic Coordination Board. Because of this, using a home loan, you can apply for financing of up to 80 percent of the value of the home that is subject to the loan when you consider buying a home.

Is a home loan taken well?

Individuals can easily use a home loan if they can document their monthly income. If a loan previously used has problematic payments, the banks will not make this person use a home loan if the person's credit score is bad. In addition, people with an organized income can apply for a loan to be able to withdraw a home loan.

In order for the mortgage loan to be obtained, the property deed of the House floor must be absolutely. In house projects that are almost missing, it is necessary to apply together with the floor easement deed. After this application, the bank assigns an appraisal and determines the value of the house to be purchased.

It loans up to 80 per cent of the value of the home listed in the surveyor's report. In return, the real estate subject to the loan is mortgaged until the end of the term. When the full amount of the loan is paid, the mortgage from the Land Registry Office can be removed with the fek letter received from the bank and the house can be owned.

From Which Banks Can A Home Loan Be Obtained?

All banks operating in our country provide their customers with the opportunity to use home loans. Because only mortgage interest rates can vary within banks, it will be more profitable if the person chooses the bank where they have the appropriate interest rate and options to use the loan.

Because of this, since a home loan is a type of loan drawn over long terms, interest rates are the most important issue that needs to be investigated first without using it. Because of this, the preference of banks that operate interest at a minimum rate will gain an advantage.

Bank is a state-funded bank and has provided loans with low interest rates, so it is often very preferred in housing loan applications. Among the banks that process interest at a minimum rate.

Bank Home Loan Application
Home Loan Application
Bank Home Loan Application

What Are The Necessary Conditions For Obtaining A Home Loan?

The conditions required to obtain a home loan can originally explain the variability from bank to bank. We can only say that when some common conditions are examined, the person's credit resume, monthly total income and properties of real estate are looked at.

Credit resume is measured by a person's credit rating, and the absence of sunken debt and the fact that they are not already under excessive debt makes it easier for a person to draw a loan. Organized income, on the other hand, salary and rent are similarly expressed as the sum of other income and are one of the elements that determine how much credit a person can draw.

Another of the necessary conditions for obtaining a home loan is the complete delivery of the documents requested by the bank. In general, we can list the documents requested for a home loan as follows:

Credit application form,
Identity card, copy of pass or driver's license,
A photocopy of one of the electricity, water, stationary(stationary) telephone, web or natural gas bills registered in the name of the buyer, (if deemed necessary, can be requested no more than two months ago)
Income document proving labor spending status,
A copy of the newspaper of the registration of in which the main agreement on the company owned by the partner was published, from the applicants who are partners of legal entities,
It is a photocopy of the membership document that they receive from members of the free profession from the professional organizations to which they are affiliated, and other documents that may be requested by the branches.

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